Men's Original Slipper

Size Small
Colour Mens Blue Multi
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Wearing our men’s original slippers makes every day feel like a day at the cabin. Perfect for lazy weekends at home, these slippers are expertly crafted to deliver exceptional comfort and durability. The uppers are made from fine New Zealand wool, while the liners are made from plush sheepskin and the leather soles add an extra layer of durability, ensuring that these slippers will last for years to come. So kick back, relax, and treat your feet to the ultimate in comfort with our Men's Original Slippers.

• 100% New Zealand wool upper

• Premium sheepskin fleece footbed

• Durable leather outsole 

• Hand dyed in small batches, no two exactly alike

Made in Canada

Natural Materials

Hand Crafted


Man wearing Padraig Slippers
Dad holding smiling son
Dad putting on his Padraig Slippers
Father and son sitting on floor wearing their Padraig Slippers

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