Wholesale Inquiries

Although we had hoped to begin accepting new dealer applications again this year, we have had to rethink this ‘open-call’ approach and the expectations it can set.

For the past several years the demand for Padraig slippers has repeatedly outpaced our growth in production and our first obligation must be to address the needs of our current dealers and their customers.

Furthermore, as we continue to grow we must maintain our quality and integrity as a Canadian handmade product which puts a healthy check on the speed at which we are able to expand.   

Given our limited capacity, our new approach is to be much more focused. Rather than call for applications, we will periodically reach out to specific retailers in an effort to maintain our presence in existing markets or strategically expand into new ones.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the staff resources to respond to unsolicited dealer inquiries on the phone or via email.

The Padraig Team